Tuesday, September 11, 2012

François Hollande Channeling Kierkegaard

As François Hollande announces massive taxation, Le Monde's Plantu has the French president channeling Søren Kierkegaard…
• Hollande: "It is not the path which is difficult, it is the difficult which is the path" (Kierkegaard)
• Cynical French Worker: Alright already, I get the message!

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Copenhagen: "a photogenic gem", filled with "old and new buildings that compliment each other perfectly"

Robert Thomason moved to Copenhagen to live with his Danish girlfriend nearly 10 years ago
writes The Telegraph.
He describes the city, which he has captured in thousands of pictures, as "a photogenic gem", full of "old and new buildings that compliment each other perfectly".

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Happy Birthday to Elvis, from… Denmark?!

A replica of Elvis Presley's Graceland estate is opening in Denmark
reports the BBC.
The Danish tribute to 'The King' has been built in the town of Randers, and will be known as Graceland Randers.

The building is almost identical to the original, although it is twice the size to house a shop, restaurant and museum.

The BBC adds that

The building is the brainchild of Henrick Knudsen, an Elvis fan who … said the project has the backing of Elvis's widow Priscilla.